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Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Denver Arts & Venues and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & Culture. Presented since 1986, the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & Culture recognize programs, individuals and organizations that make significant and lasting contributions to the arts.

Impact Award: Innervision - Through live and recorded performances and vocational training in many aspects of the entertainment industry, Innervision promotes personal services to aspiring broadcasters with disabilities.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award: Color of Conversation - Floyd and Stephanie Rance have produced "The Color of Conversation," a highly successful film series through which they amplify the voices of the African American, Latino and LBGTQIA+ communities through purposeful conversations and thought-provoking films.

Innovation Award: Edgar L. Page - Edgar L. Page comes from traditions celebrating the African Diaspora and legacies of Black Modern Dance. He centralizes on storytelling and narration in his work.

Youth Award: Pop Culture Classroom - Pop Culture Classroom works with schools, youth-serving organizations, museums and many other partners to offer innovative arts education programming.

Videos highlighting the honorees can be found on

Celebrate our award-winners

The Mission of Innervision

The mission of Innervision is to fund an after-school program for blind youth and a continuing education program for blind adults; to teach the on-air and the business side of running a community internet podcast station; to bring live and prerecorded podcasts, featuring musical artists and disabled news programs, to enrich the Denver community.

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Where are Innervision classes held?

All Innervision classes are virtual through our web site. In 2021, Innervision will negotiate sharing physical space with Denver Open Media located at 2101 Arapahoe St., Denver, Co 80205. Innervision is also looking at collaboration for space at Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton, Co. We will also continually partner with Youth on Records as they have many musical artists, which Innervision will showcase on our internet community radio station!

Registration is now open for our after-school podcast radio training classes.

KINV-DB Innervision FM Classes
for blind or low vision, disabled veterans, students, young and older adults.

After we do a copy-reading voice over, computer, reading, writing and music assessment of each student, we can better determine where within our program to place them.

To give our students as much hands-on experience as possible, we would like to keep each school class size 12 to 24 people, four to eight hours a week to start.

Our philosophy is that we should have two teachers, or DJs per 12 and 24 students within a classroom, but online we could work with around 40 to 80 with our accessible software installed on their computer and their own microphone.

These fun and interactive classes can be held either at Denver Open Media studio, KUVO, KGNU, The Littleton Center for the blind, or remotely through the internet.

The 8-week program

Weeks one and two:

Will include one week intro to podcasting where we will discuss how radio DJs from the fifties through 2000’s move into what we call podcasting and what is the future of this medium. Intro to broadcasting made accessible.

Using Office word to learn the art of writing 30/60-minute commercial, or PSA spots then transferring their copy to either large print for low vision or braille for blind students.

Learning how to use their voice to clearly speak their written words into a microphone and to critique each other’s recordings.

Innervision FM top DJ will give example in how to use the voice in painting an audio picture and have the students create their own 30 second commercial on assorted topics.

Week three:

Learning how to do compelling and entertaining radio show prep, through listening to popular podcast and YouTube videos and critiquing what draws listeners in to their topics and how they can use sound effects, topics and other tools to bring in their listeners.

This is called personality radio for talk shows and Sportscasting.

Weeks four and five:

Learning how to use accessible players like Station Play List, to stack their music and commercials for their thirty-minute, or sixty-minute shows.

Each student will take turns taking requests from their fellow classmates so they can learn how to do a smooth show under pressure.

Week six:

Either as a team, or co-hosting, all the students will be required to do either three thirty minute a week shows or a two-hour weekend show for KINV-DB Innervision FM.

All students will be required to be a member of our FaceBook, LinkedIn, Rumbel, Gettr and engage with our fans.

They will learn about programming music or talk shows traffic, which is scheduling spots and tracking how many four minute commercials can run during their shows and at what time.

Weeks seven and eight:

Learning how to create their brand and find sponsors and underwriters for their shows. Research what kind of businesses to partner with them.

This will be a week of calling three to four hundred businesses a day.

For any sponsors they land, podcasters will receive forty percent of the revenue!

Advanced Classes - Week nine:

They will learn promotions and social media, syndication and distribution of their shows, sales and marketing, and how to start their own podcast business.

Also, how to negotiate with businesses for thirty-minute shows and one hour shows. What to charge for 30 second and sixty second spots.

What to include when writing commercials.

Weeks ten and eleven:

Locating guests to interview and doing a deeper look into talk radio. Using Zoom to archive their shows! Training in voice over shows using SPL Creator as the student learns how to make their shows sound live. Learning how to record commercials, adding sound effects and music.

Weeks twelve and thirteen:

Justin Marrow of Divine America will start training in advance use of Station Play List, SPL Creator & Sound forge.

COMBO, a music nonprofit, will hold third week special meetings with guest speakers.

Weeks fourteen and fifteen:

Johnnie Johnson will teach how to locate radio stations and businesses hiring, as well as negotiate radio and podcast contracts where the student will learn how to set their level of pay in the market place and, if the station changes their format, or hire a new program director, we will show them how to add a three to six month clause, stating they will get paid if the station terminates their employment!

Week sixteen:

Podcasters that are earning revenue.

Finally, each student will be able to earn 25 to 40 percent of money they bring in through their sales and can stay at our station or find broadcasting jobs outside our station!

We will offer each student an income tax exempt hourly pay, up to 25 hours a week, depending on how many sponsors they bring in.

Example: if they have one sponsor for $500 they will earn $200.


As far as the students go: at the end of this year we hope to work with around 48.

Justin, works at DPS and his business is called Divine America. We will be adding another volunteer to be added February 1. And we are working with two music teachers at Metro College. We will start out with 5 to 12. As we get more volunteers we hope to work with around 48 students within this year and at other schools as we train volunteers to duplicate what we are doing at Stapleton.

Innervision has added an on-line Zoom component so we can teach more students and archive content for on-demand for our disabled and blind students outside of Denver.

Cost for our 16 weeks of classes:

Innervision FM online Radio media training program is specifically designed for blind and disabled those who are unable to attend classes at the Denver Colorado station. Almost 90 percent of your time is spent hands-on in your virtual studio gaining valuable, hands-on, experience.

You will gain skills in a wide variety of relevant areas, including:

Each week is a different lecture, taught by Johnnie J. and guest speakers. You will have the ability to participate in each live lecture from your home computer.

Innervision has a digital studio that is user friendly for the blind. The cost of the classes will pay for the license to use Station Play List, Station Creator with the scritps for Jaws software.

Send us an email

with your name and age if you're interested in this class.

Here are our weekly programs:

Here are our weekly programs:

Morning show with Johnnie J.
Monday & Friday 8:00am to 10:00am

Children Fairy Tales written by Nataliya.
Mon/Sun. 11:00am to noon

Artists interviews and showcase
Noon to 1:00pm

Saylor Cooper & co-host Tyler Evans, two of our new DJs
Wednesday 5:00pm to 7:00pm Mountian Time
Playing Christian Contemporary Music Email your request to
(720)324-7278 is Saylor's live call-in number!

Reggie Rocko, Casper & Johnnie Johnson
Talk Show Fridays 9:00am - 10:00am
Replays at 10:00am on Innervision FM
Call in: (303) 477-5600

Alfonso Clone Show:
Friday’s 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Holy Worship, host Robert Randall
Friday’s 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Johnnie J. and Allen C Zoom talk show:
Monday 9:00am - 9:30am. Monday & Wednesday 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Cash App: $innervisionJ

Innervision Staff and Volunteers:

  • Johnnie Johnson: President and Executive Director, producer of podcasts and quality control of overall sound of Innervision FM.

  • Nataliya Johnson: Vice President, Website content photographer and volunteer coordinator.

  • Peter Van Pelt: Board member: Website developer, editor and secretary.

  • Pam Smith: CPA, Accountant.

  • Brian Roberson Board Member: Christian Brothers Moving Company owner, JC Grounds Café Music Venue owner and manager.

  • Debbie Chin Board Member: Curious Coffee, Restaurant business owner.

  • Alfonso Simental Board Member: Recording Engineer, producer, Musician.